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[Website Review] Weblio Dictionary

Today, I’m going to talk about a Japanese website that I’ve come across and thought that it’s really useful for studying Japanese. I chanced upon the Weblio website by chance when I was searching for the meaning of those Japanese words that I came across while watching the Bartender drama. In short, this is a Japanese dictionary.

The reasons why I like this site are numerous~

At the main page, you will see the different types of dictionaries from business to hobbies to sports and many others. Among these dictionaries, I like the dialects dictionary the best (cos it seems to me that there aren’t so many dialect dictionaries out there).

Below these various dictionaries, you’ll find dictionaries on idioms, words that belong to the same category. In the middle of the web page, you will find terms related to the earthquake and disaster management. It is actually useful for those who want to improve their knowledge about such topics.  And below all these, you will find interesting topics like  words of specific seasons or words to describe that specific day that you visit the website.

Finally on the right, you will find a small box which contains several images. You maybe interested to know that you can also find out the meaning of an object through its image! Although there aren’t that many images available, I’m still extremely impressed by this! I’ve never come across an online visual dictionary (or sorts).

Other than these interesting functions available, this website also has a thesaurus tab. Users can click on  類語辞典 to search for words of a similar meaning. You might have realized that there are other tabs like 英和和英辞典 (English-Japanese/Japanese-English Dictionary) and 手話辞典 (Sign Language Dictionary). For users who are interested to find out the meaning of the words from English to Japanese or vice-versa, one can make use of the 英和和英辞典 tab and this applies to the sign language dictionary as well.

If you want to make good use of this website, I would advise that you just enter the word into the search field on the main page and not click on specific tabs. Then click the search button, then you will have matches from the various online dictionaries. Then you can click on specific tabs below the “辞書” like “用語説明”, “ニュース”, ”動画”, “文献”, “商品” “全文検索”, and “用例”. I like the”用例” function a lot as I can read up on the usage of the words that I’m not familiar with.

Another thing that I really like about this website is the provision of a list of those words that appear in famous literary works. It might be frustrating sometime to read these literary works and then realized that you don’t seem to understand the terms at all. Other than the famous literary works, there’s also law related terms. The arrangement of this page makes it easy for one to navigate, by topics to specifics. For example, if you are looking for terms from a specific literary piece, you can go to the “文学作品” heading and find the specific author, then click on that specific title you are after.

For those interested, you can just click onto the link below and find the specific title that you are reading.

Words from literary works

Hope you guys find this dictionary useful~! Till the next post! Take care!

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